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Secure your connection, protect your browsing data in any network.


Browse ad-free with powerful filtering tools.

Data leaks

Check for exposed email access by scanning existing leaks.


Flexible plans


1 week - 2.99$


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six month - 38.99$


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How does Egis Pro work?

Egis Pro is designed to offer you the flexibility to enhance your online experience while providing the extra protection you need. Whether you prefer easy customization with a single click or prefer a hassle-free experience managed by us, our VPN is simple and user-friendly.

How can I get started with Egis Pro?

Getting started is a breeze. Just select a suitable package or take advantage of our free trial to test out our premium features. Download the application, and you're good to go.

Is Egis Pro free?

Absolutely! While our services are available through a subscription, we provide a free trial of our app so you can experience its benefits firsthand.

Does my device support Egis Pro?

Our iOS-optimized software is compatible with the vast majority of modern devices, ensuring that you can enjoy the advantages of our VPN.

Can I use Egis Pro without restrictions?

With Egis Pro, you can browse the internet as usual without compromising your safety or anonymity. Enjoy unrestricted browsing with the peace of mind that your data is secure and protected.